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"We are the children of yesterday's dream!"


The children that graduate from Angels International Bilingual Kindergarten are magnificent. They are the real leaders of tomorrow and exemplify what it truly means to be an 'Angel.' They not only exceed our expectations in all aspects of education but are polite, respectful and most of all empowered to be the change they wish to see in the world. Every year tears of joy are shed during their graduation ceremony to celebrate their hard work and achievements throughout their years at Angels. It is a pleasure for the teachers and staff to see students grow each year from babies, to toddlers, to primary school students. The students at Angels graduate and attend primary schools such as Shanghai American School, BISS, SUIS, WFL, Cambridge International School, Shanghai Fudan-Wanke, Shanghai Experimental School, Rainbow Bridge International School, YK Pao, and many others.



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